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Hey y'all! Today I thought I should tell you what about our new apartment. I thought it might be fun to give y'all a tour. Now as many of you may know, we just graduated in May, moved into our new apartment in June, and started new jobs in June. Therefore..... we're really broke. We searched and thought (and fought) about our first apartment for what seemed like years... although it was only a few weeks! Apartment shopping is the absolute most stressful type of shopping to do (yes, even more difficult than the dreaded swimsuit shopping)!!!! After much deliberation, we finally agreed on a charming little one bedroom apartment in North Dallas, but basically Addison. We absolutely love almost everything about our apartment; minus the fact that there is only one dumpster for an apartment complex with 222 apartments. Ridiculous, I know. 

I love love LOVE to decorate and redecorate my living spaces as much as possible. For some reason, I just really enjoy picking certain pieces for certain rooms. I also really enjoy watching Alex trying to hang things. Here is a little preview of him hanging pictures in our bedroom after drinking a few too many glasses of sangria... 
Anyone that knows us can just imagine how great of a time I had with this.

So anyway, I decorated our almost 900 square foot apartment to the best of my ability (financial and space restrictions must be taken into consideration here people!!). Our apartment has a very earthy, nature-ish feel to it; with lots of browns, greens, and blues all over the place! Which is amazing because I am OBNOXIOUSLY OBSESSED WITH THE COLOR GREEN!!!!! I decorated with a mixture of handmade, refinished, and newly purchased (or borrowed) items. 

Some of them were handmade with love..

And some of them were purchased with love...

And some of them were purchased with serious buyer's remorse....
This is a bar that we got at pottery barn while we were supposed to be updating our wedding registry.... and we ended up spending too much money... as always! haha

Here are a few more photos from the rest of our apartment. I cannot wait to get our kitchen table from Alex's grandparents so that I can stop looking at that silly card table that we borrowed from my parents! CAN NOT STAND IT! 
Love our bed, but can't wait to get a king size for our wedding!

Bummed we had to cover part of the bay window with the bookshelf, but we obviously had to have it! 

Alex actually did a good job hanging these, but don't tell him I said that! 

I refinished my dad's dresser that he used in college! 

BEST CLOSET EVER! I died... seriously. LOVE IT! 

LOVE our big bathroom! 

Cozy little living room. 

Can't wait to get a new coffee table, hopefully soon! 

This is basically my room, I spend more time here than I do in any other room! 

Another view of the living room. 

And here is our breakfast nook, with the dreaded card table. I pretty much hate everything about this little area. I can't stand the mirrors. Who wants to watch themselves eat? Watching people eat is actually really disgusting and it makes me want to eat less... which is better for me in the long run I guess...... 

So there it is!! I tried as hard as I could with what we had been given! Thanks to all of the friends and family that helped us move and decorate at the beginning; we most definitely could not have done it without y'all!!! 

Pace yourself... there's more to come!

PS.. if anyone has any ideas on what to do with those horrid mirrors in the breakfast nook please don't be shy! Something HAS to happen with them ASAP! 

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